There are many budget camper rental travelers who choose to skip Orlando due to its perceived expensive nature. Sure, you have major tourist destinations such as Disney located here, and this does bring in thousands of tourists and the high end establishments that house and feed them, but Orlando is a diverse and lively town with much more to do that just Disney. It is also a great town for culinary delights, and there are restaurants all over the region that offer a wide variety of different types of fares. You can also eat here for cheap without missing out. So if you’re on a budget, then check out this cheap places to eat when you’re in Orlando.

The Coop

In the lively Winter park neighborhood lies The Coop, At which you can dine for an affordable rate when compared to other establishments in the neighborhood. But the lower fares don’t come with lower quality food. The Coop serves up fried chicken dishes that are known as some of the most delicious in the region. Not only this but you can dine on a full course meal for just $7. This will give you some money left over for one of their delicious and well-made beverages and perhaps a desert as well.

Black Bean Deli

Ask any local and they will tell you that Black Bean Deli as one of the most beloved establishments in the region. Here you will find a wide variety of small plates to choose from. Amongst the highest rated foods are the empanadas, and don’t forget about the numerous pasties and the papas rellenas. The lunch special has classic Cuban sandwich plates and sides of beans on offer for just twelve dollars. Afterwards you can enjoy a Cuban coffee and a helping of desert as well. At this neighborhood restaurant you will enjoy a laid back atmosphere which is inciting for long, relaxing meals. It won’t take you long to figure out why Black Bean Deli is known as one of the best eateries in the area.

Antonella’s Pizza

Anybody who is in the mood for pizza should look no further than this long running establishment. This place serves up classic NYC style pizza that is legendary in the region, and the large selection of toppings is to die for. Even if you aren’t in the mood for pizza, you can enjoy one of their classic Italian dishes. Two slices come in at only $5, and you can get an entire pie for well within your budget. A good number of the Italian plates come in under $25 as well so no need to fret if these catch your fancy. For those on a long camper rental journey, there’s nothing like a nice Italian meal within a relaxing atmosphere to help you relax and unwind.

Christo’s Café

This truly legendary local cafe has long been known as one of the top places in the area for breakfast. At this establishment you can get eggs with hashed browns and bacon for just six dollars, or you can chow down on delicious eggs benedict for a mere nine dollars. And this place does more than just breakfast. The lunch and dinner menus at Christo’s are also fantastic, featuring a wide range of dishes for well within most budget traveler’s budgets. This spot has never been known as a tourist destination, so you can nearly always get a table. The locals love this restaurant, and you can take advantage of the laid back atmosphere and the great foods that have made it such a regional legend.  

Black Rooster Taqueria

Located in the lively Mills 50 neighborhood, this Mexican establishment is well known as a top place to enjoy a fine meal. This rich and flavorful food won’t break your budget either. Many of their plates come in well under the meal budgets for most travelers. Make sure to check out the corn tortillas, which are so fresh and delicious you won’t believe the price. You can also dig in to one of their delicious taco plates, including a side dish for within the budget as well. As a matter of fact, it is so cheap here that you can enjoy several drinks and a desert as well for much less than many other places in the area.

Orlando doesn’t have to be an expensive city as long as you know where to look for cheap eats. There are many establishments across the region that offer plates for much less than the higher end establishments, but without skimping on the quality. For anyone on a camper rental budget journey in Florida, you can easily spend some quality time in Orlando and enjoy all the foodie spoils of this city without going broke in the process.