Here comes the New Year, a privileged time to make standard decisions. Like many parents, at the top of your list, a priority that you keep on chasing, spend more quality time with your children and make them perceive love and care, here are ideas to achieve this without straining, and above all, without feeling guilty!

Negotiate some Flexibility with your Employer

Many managing directors remain disinclined to show some flexibility to their staff. When it’s time to sign a fresh deal, renew an old one or do your annual check-up, take a little time to tell your employer that you’re happy with your job, but would love to have a little more flexibility in your schedules, which will give you few extra minutes with your kids, who will be happy to be able to eat a second bowl of cereal in your company. A comprehensive way to avoid traffic jams, and stay cool when you finally leave. Daily, it may not seem like much, but it represents a gain of 65 hours a year!

Register for a Parent-child Class

Many sports and leisure organizations now offer family classes. Why not jump into the water with your son for the Sunday swimming pool (some public pools even offer hot-water baths, for optimal comfort), or register with a girl for a gym, yoga, dance or music to which the parent fits naturally, according to the instructions of the teacher?

Discover New Games

Do you blame your children for hanging on their game consoles, tablets, and mobile phones? Why not take advantage of gift certificates received at Christmas to get one or two new board games that will please the family? See you together at the store, get a vendor advisor about the new games on the market, and then pick a group game that everyone will want to join.

A Colorful Visit to Interesting Museums

Most museums offer interesting and free workshops for families. Why not take advantage of a downtown getaway to relax an hour or two with your little ones, who will be delighted to do a thematic do-it-yourself? While your children throw themselves into the glue, glitter and pipe cleaners, helped by a trained animator in the field, you can relax for a while enjoying not having to tidy everything up and clean as at the house.

However, register your kids in schools that often times brings classroom learning outside, which will help them improve wonderfully in school performance and also in science. You should also urge school administrators to involve students on local waterways which will involve consulting the wilderness inquiry, to experience and better understand science.